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Douchemaster Records

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GG King and Happy Burger 7"s

Happy Burger - Pizza All Around 7"
In spite of living in the heart of the culinary universe, our French friends known as Happy Burger have found none other than pizza and burgers as their songwriting muses. The argument is as fundamental as chicken vs. the egg, but in the eyes and mouths of these Frenchies,  the cheeseburger loses a nail biter to the pizza. Four songs. Simple and short with mandatory French garage production. Jonathan Richman would be proud. Jacques Pepin would be horribly disappointed. Us at D~M~R are just par for the course. First 100 on red.

GG King - Adult Rock 7"
If the brow raising title of this record has you concerned that Greg Carbona and D~M~R have lost their collective minds and released a rap record, rest assured that this is not the case.  It may also be confusing that this is not a Carbonas record since Greg, Jesse, and Chris play on the record, Dave mastered it, and Clay's fictional (for now) biography is pictured on the jacket. You should believe with perfect certainty, however, that the songwriting on GG King's debut single doesn't stray far from the stylistics employed by his previous outfit for the most part of the last decade. This one has two songs that are so brief and unforgettable that most of us will be pissed we didn't write them ourselves.  We hope this will be the first of many from Mr. GG King. 100 on blue vinyl. 


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