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Douchemaster Records

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stolen Hearts and Davila 666 7"s

Stolen Hearts - Heart Collector 7"
I know just what you're thinking. Believe me I do. When GG called back in February to tell me that his best girl had and her friends had started and band and that he was playing in it, I couldn't imagine having any interest in this recording. Then I heard the recording, and within about thirty seconds I was in. In keeping with tradition of D~M~R releases, the backbone here is simplicity. The ballad-esque intro to Heart Collector gives off a Spector-style vibe, but they quickly hasten the tempo to allow their two originals to come off as an awesome Teen Line style band. Ashley's vocals may be the star of the show. They sound experienced and even sultry at times while retaining the innocent charm that allows a band with this sort of pop sensibility to work....even if she is singing about lighting dudes on fire. A killer debut from Atlanta's Stolen Hearts. Super cool Sponsors cover on the flip side is a winner too. 100 are on white vinyl. Edition of 1000. Release date is May, 28 2009.

Davila 666 - Pingorocha y la Diva Rockera 7"
I have no idea what these guys are singing about, but it sure does sound good. (I took four years of French. Don't know a lick of Spanish). If you got the In The Red LP, then you know what the garage pop pride of Puerto Rico are all about. If not, you need to get learned in a hurry because these guys are on to some next level shit, and they're bringing it to the continental USA in July. These guys have the rare ability to bounce around stylistically and remain completely cohesive thanks to vocal patterns that offer hook after hook. I'm generally pretty tired of our releases by the time I get around to writing about them, but I'll likely need a new stylus before this record is retired to the collection. Three songs of sheer genius. 100 are black with maybe a discernible trace of white. Edition of 1000. Release date is May, 28 2009.

***The colored vinyl order for Davila 666 was essentially botched. Some copies will be marbly, but most of the order yielded black records white very little white. In some cases it will be difficult to tell if your copy is part of the limited edition. We apologize for any inconvenience***


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