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Douchemaster Records

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talbot Adams - Jack and Jesse EP

In case you've forgotten already, Talbot was the front man for The Black and Whites. With the birth of his twin boys, Talbot had to keep the noise down a bit and wrote some quieter stuff. Super sweet and frankly touching stuff from former wild man turned dad. He does it Douche Master style with four songs all under two minutes. Packed full of Talbot's patented male oooohhhs. 500 pressed. 100 on black vinyl.(Black vinyl sold out). 400 on gray marble.

Nobunny - Brace Face 7"

Nobunny's oral fixation reaches fever pitch with "Brace Face" and "Your Mouth". Also includes an awesome cover of Moto's "It tastes just like a Milkshake." You know him, you love him, and you're just a little weirded out by him. 1000 pressed. 100 on grayish vinyl. September 8, 2010.

Gentleman Jesse - Shes a Trap 7"

Gentleman Jesse - She's a Trap 7" DMR 040
These two tracks are a couple of teasers for what we believe is going to be an ass kickin rock n roll LP. Vintage Jesse RNR with "She's a Trap". He slows it down a bit on the B side with "I Won't Say Goodbye." Look for him in your city soon as he is currently touring his ass off. 1000 pressed. 100 on pink vinyl.(Pink vinyl sold out).