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Douchemaster Records

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Barreracudas - Nocturnal Missions LP/CD

The city of Atlanta and the DMR gang are happy to announce the release of the Barreracudas appropriately titled debut record. Somewhere between The Heartbreakers (Petty) and The Heartbreakers (Thunders), the Barreracudas found a well of inspiration just deep enough to produce one of the biggest foot tappers of the year. Their sound shouldn’t come as a great surprise as most of these guys have been playing with Gentleman Jesse and His men for the past couple of years. While you wont find them dressed like their Heartbreaking predecessors, The Barreracudas have bound elements of 70’s dirt and glam with the radio friendliness of the likes of Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymore. You’ll discern no Pulitzer worthy poetry in the lyric sheet, but you will find eleven original tracks with hooks more infectious than encephalitis and a pretty sweet cover of Cheap Trick’s Come On, Come On. 100 limited copies are on split colored vinyl. October 25, 2011

If you have any notion of the concept of fun, you'll want to see Barreracudas on tour with Davila 666 in the following cities.

~~~ALL DATES WITH THE ALMIGHTY DAVILA 666 (except* 11/6)~~~
Wed 19-Oct Brooklyn, NY CMJ (Knitting Factory)
Thu 20-Oct Cambridge, MA TT The Bear's
Fri 21-Oct Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo
Sat 22-Oct Toronto, ON Silver Dollar
Sun 23-Oct Detroit, MI PJ's Lager House
Mon 24-Oct Chicago, IL Empty Bottle
Tue 25-Oct Bloomington, IN The Bishop
Wed 26-Oct Cincinnati, OH The Comet (w/Jacuzzi Boys)
Thu 27-Oct TBA TBA
Fri 28-Oct Baltimore, MD Golden West
Sun 30-Oct TBA TBA
Mon 31-Oct Atlanta, GA The EARL (w/Jacuzzi Boys)
Tue 1-Nov TBA TBA
Wed 2-Nov Nashville, TN Springwater Supper Club
Thu 3-Nov Memphis, TN Hi-Tone Café
Fri 4-Nov New Orleans, LA Siberia
Sat 5-Nov Houston, TX The Mink
Sun 6-Nov Austin, TX *29th street Ballroom* (with Flesh Lights and Bad Lovers)